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debug bash snippet in a makefile

08/02/23 06:26:00

my way to debug bash code in a makefile

wireguard from fritzbox to a external server

04/02/23 08:15:00

configuring wireguard on fritzbox to connect to a external server

dns blocklist

04/02/23 07:15:00

use unbound with dns blocklists

wireguard vpn on android with fritzbox

02/28/23 05:50:00

notes about wireguard vpn android client to fritz box and voip calls ...

keep your debian zoo updated

01/30/23 05:15:00

simple ansible playbook to keep your debian based zoo of servers updated


01/29/23 04:15:00

simple script to notify team members of pending tasks on their git branches

lvm on top of multipath

01/10/23 08:31:00

optimize access to multipathed storage devices for lvm

checkmk monitoring script for fail2ban

12/27/22 10:40:00

a checkmk check for fail2ban jails

opnsense fail2ban action script

12/21/22 17:02:00

a fail2ban action script to use with opnsense

opnsense NAT rules priority pitfall

12/19/22 10:48:00

opnsense NAT port forwarding rules priority pitfall

wireguard interface configuration

12/15/22 06:25:00

notes about wireguard interface configuration

wireguard route metric

12/14/22 21:50:00

notes about wireguard route metric

apt - find orphaned packages

09/02/22 09:37:00

find packages not distributed by the current distro